About Me


So, this is my site. I'm currently a Data Engineer at ING working on deep learning and distributed systems (Spark). I'm a deep learning enthusiast, but also generally interested in data science (machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms etc...), cryptocurrency, and GNU/Linux. On the bottom of this page, you can find some pointers in case you want to get in touch (note that some Adblockers block the social contact icons).

I usually sign my mails through this key using one of its subkeys, i.e.:

fingerprint: 5BE4 4AF9 30FF CECF F75C 2F5F F80A 13D0 9191 6023
My primary key's fingerprint is:
fingerprint: 0422 9418 0E28 4729 EE7F 8A39 BE59 A8D5 E55F 9288